Why I started this business: I want to help small businesses market their company successfully at a reasonable rate so that together, we can exceed their growth expectations over time.

Printing is something that I’ve been around since I was 4 years old. My dad was in the printing business – Ball jar lids, Popcorn tins, beer cans, you name it – and the smell of ink is still tattooed on my memory. So I went to college for graphic design and printing, and helped a variety of business owners advance their companies with my designs, my printwork, and my marketing advice. I became a creative director for the largest media company in the world (IHeartMedia). I moved on to marketing director for a small specialty construction firm. Now, I want to use the skills I’ve developed to help other small businesses (like mine) realize that they don’t have to be small forever.

We all know that one guy who somehow has a guy for everything. When it comes to your business, you just found your guy.

Soo… Lets talk about your business.